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Shopify Development

In the digital age, an e-commerce platform is your most intelligent strategy for amplifying your brand’s reach.

Catapult your online retail space into the spotlight!

Shopify Support

Expert Shopify Support service offering comprehensive store analysis, actionable improvement plans, prompt issue resolution, and ongoing communication. Tailored to enhance user experience and boost your store’s performance.

App Development

Our custom app development service merges aesthetics with functionality, delivering elegant and user-friendly sites tailored to embody your brand’s essence. Each creation is a refined digital statement, designed to engage and captivate your audience with every click.

Website Development

Partner with us for cutting-edge website development, utilizing the latest technologies to build your site from the ground up. Our approach ensures a robust, responsive, and forward-thinking digital presence that sets you apart.

Wordpress Development

Embrace the power of WordPress with our development services. We specialize in creating custom, scalable WordPress sites that blend rich functionality with ease of use, ensuring your site is as dynamic as your vision.

Squarespace Development

Transform your online presence with our Squarespace development. Our expertise lies in crafting sleek, fully-responsive Squarespace websites that promise simplicity without sacrificing sophistication or performance.


Design, Develop, Deliver: Our Proven Success Pattern

Armada Lounge

Restaurant and Lounge

ATAM Productions

Recording Studio

The Brig

Pub Homepage and QR code Menu

AirBnB Design

Hospitality and Management

VIP: The City of Ottawa

Multimedia Project

Marketing and Creative Design

Elevate your brand’s digital identity

About Us

Our Story

At Victoria Garland’s studio, our journey is marked by a fusion of artistry and technical mastery, a path we’ve carved out through prestigious collaborations and entrepreneurial spirit. It began with a vision to blend multimedia innovation with practical solutions, an ambition that quickly found its place in pivotal projects with the City of Ottawa. Our canvas was vast: from the gastronomic delights of Ottawa’s finest restaurants to the bustling digital marketplaces of Shopify, we’ve painted our expertise across a variety of canvases since 2012.

Nestled in the heart of innovation, our studio has become a beacon for those seeking digital craftsmanship that speaks volumes. With a meticulous eye for detail, we’ve set up countless Shopify stores, each a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. We don’t just build websites; we craft experiences that resonate, turning visitors into patrons, and clicks into lasting connections.

Our ensemble, composed of business analysts, imaginative visual design, UI/UX connoisseurs, project managers, and web development virtuosos, thrives on pushing the envelope. We’re not just a team; we’re architects of the digital realm, sculpting web and mobile platforms that stand the test of time and technology. Our creations are not just seen — they’re felt, delivering a user-centric experience that elevates your brand’s digital identity.

Professionalism is our hallmark and quality is our creed. From ensuring your site’s supreme performance to its ascension on Google’s search ranks, we treat each project as a cornerstone of your business’s legacy. With a philosophy that marries design with functionality, we solve problems not just creatively, but effectively, yielding measurable results that resonate with your audience.

At the intersection of imagination and reality, we invite you to join us. Together, let’s build more than just websites — let’s construct digital legacies that continue to inspire and engage the world.

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Crafting Excellence Together

Victoria Garland

Owner and Lead Designer

Alex Massaad

Lead Developer

Our team is the heartbeat of our agency, a diverse collective of creative thinkers, technical wizards, and strategic pioneers. Together, we blend our unique talents to forge digital experiences that transcend expectations and drive innovation.

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